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Be Safe Around the Farm

Smoking is not permitted in the pods

Gates are closed for a reason; Please leave them as you find them to avoid animals escaping

Use gates or styles. Please do not climb over fences as they are often sharp with barb wire to keep animals secure and will often collapse easily

Do not let your kids wander unsupervised outside of the permitted pod areas

Please don't enter the farm yard without us! 

Watch out for tractors in and around the farm

Do not climb on tractors or machinery as they are very dangerous!

keep dogs under close control and away from farm animals and wildlife

If walking at night in the dark, Please remember your torch so you can see and also be seen!

Be Tidy

Please be careful to clear away all of your rubbish, the farm must be kept litter free for the animals safety

Don't leave rubbish bags or food outside the cabins, as it will attract wildlife such as foxes

Thank you
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